Footsteps For Good (Where there is a’ wheel’, there is a way)

Footsteps For Good (Where there is a’ wheel’, there is a way)

Footsteps For Good (Where there is a' wheel', there is a way)

How many of you out there are willing to give up a weekend party, a months shopping plan, or just something that you spent luxuriously on and donate it for the cause?. Well if you want to do something for a change register with us and run with us on 2nd October at 7 in the morning. its an opportunity to realise how privileged we are and there are millions out there who are not. Anybody interested pls get in touch with us on facebook. Drop in a message and your numbers. registration fees is 2000 rupees and above that goes for our cause at ADAPT.

The event ‘ Footsteps for good ‘is round the corner. Footsteps For Good 10K, Mumbai’s first 10km event is held in Bandra KurlaComplex, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Come and celebrate Gandhi’s birthday and ADAPT’S Founders Day as we complete forty years service to our nation by joining in a 10km run or walk in Bandra Kurla, to help our cause. Please join other runners, have fun and help worthwhile causes. Help the disabled and the most marginalized sector in our society. As ADAPT IS participating in this event. You can either register at the footsteps for good site or directly with us.

WHEN : On Tuesday October 2nd, Runners will start at 7:30am and walkers will start at 7:45am.
Arrival at least 30 mins before the start.

REGISTER on their site, or directly with ADAPT. You can also order for our bibs for the marathon by posting it here and we will get back to you. Order now, limited stock available.

Those supporting ADAPT will run for ADAPT, the run is for 10 kms but people can do shorter distances.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you


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